Return Policy & Refund

1. It can be returned under conditions by applying to within 14 days of delivery after receipt.

2. You can make your applications via the e-mail or from our views on 533 435 0922.

3. It is necessary to shop at the same time on the product with the campaign, which belongs to the product given at an affordable price.

Gift preparation can only be sent with the main product.*

4. Regardless of whether it has not been opened for use, it is not used specifically.

5. Return package packages are unopened, etc. It must be unwritten and unused.

6. It cannot be taken from its solution and liquid structure.

7. You must submit the shipping free invoice with the shipping item.

8. For corporate invoices, the return invoice must be sent with the products to be issued.

9. Your products to be returned will be sent to Birgül Sezer Ataşehir Mah. 8261 8261 Çiğli Sokak sizee/1 flat to send: 30 is sufficient.

10. Since the products that are not properly packaged may be in the cargo, your shipments are not received from the cargo.

11. You do not pay any fees for the products you send through your shopping courier.

12. It will be in your belongings with other cargo companies.

13.If the product/products you sent is approved by, the “product price” will be refunded to you within 2 to 8 working days.

14. If the payment method is “Credit Card” and your preference is “Refund”; Your payment will be made online immediately to your credit card.

15. In the refund of installment credit card payments, the entire amount is paid in one go to the bank of your credit card. After this stage, the bank deposits and withdraws this amount to your credit card in the amount of installments every month (reflected as + and – on the statement). This process continues for as many months as the number of installments. If 1 or 2 installments etc. are paid before the refund. If you have paid, the last 1 and 2 installments are deposited into your account, but as with the others, these amounts are not both deposited and withdrawn, only the amount + installment amount is deposited on the statement.

16.  The reflection of your payment to your account may differ according to the processing times of the banks.

17. Refunds to debit cards may differ from bank to bank. If a refund cannot be made online, you will be contacted and your IBAN number will be requested and the refund will be made as Wire Transfer/EFT.

18. If the payment method is “Money Transfer/EFT” or “Pay at the Door” and your preference is “Money Refund”; Your money will be refunded to the IBAN number you have notified.

19. When your money transfer/EFT refund is completed, Lensmarket.Com sends a receipt showing the transaction details to the e-mail address defined in your account.

20. If you have received the e-mail containing this receipt, it means that your bank has been refunded by

21.The reflection time of the refund process in your bank or card account may vary according to the transaction process of your bank. This process is the standard process that banks apply to all member businesses and individual customers; Refunds are not reflected back to the credit card on the same day.

22. If you still cannot see the refund amount in your account after receiving the receipt, contact your bank with the information specified on the receipt. 

23. Solution and products such as surface reaction cannot be reviewed to review. Non-refundable prices will be deducted from the course and transferred to what you will learn.